Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Zuckerman understands the physical and emotional suffering one goes through when they have lost physical attributes due to traumatic injury, congenital deformity, or disease. The good news is, the field of reconstructive surgery has advanced with incredible speed over the last few decades. It is now possible to restore function and improve your appearance through an array of surgical reconstruction procedures that can enhance your livelihood and increase your self-esteem. The table below gives a brief introduction to the most common types of  reconstructive plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Zuckerman offers, with links to more detailed pages on each procedure. 

Reconstructive surgery is one of the cornerstones of Dr. Zuckerman's practice. Dr. Zuckerman trained at some of the most respected medical institutions in the world, including New York University and Brown University. Dr. Zuckerman excels in some of the most complex fields of surgery known to the medical community. He is committed to restoring what you have lost so that you can attain better function and an improved appearance with natural-looking results.