Dr. Zuckerman performs the latest minimally invasive aesthetic enhancement procedures, which are safe and effective ways of rejuvenating the face, significantly reducing signs of age, or adding volume and new contours to the lips and other facial features. Dr. Zuckerman customizes each non-surgical treatment to a patient's existing anatomy, similar to his approach to surgical procedures. Your lips can be fuller and more defined; a hollow appearance to the cheeks or tear troughs under the eyes can be greatly improved; and, of course, fine lines, deep wrinkles, and crow’s feet can be smoothed out for a more refreshed, youthful aesthetic. The table below gives a brief introduction to the most common types of non-surgical aesthetic enhancement procedures that Dr. Zuckerman offers. Multiple treatments can often be combined during one office visit.

To schedule a consultation for injectable cosmetic enhancement with Dr. Zuckerman, please contact his office today! All of his injectable procedures are administered by him personally in a safe, sterile, medical environment. Dr. Zuckerman has had extensive training and has spent hundreds of hours performing injectable rejuvenation. His commitment is to effective, long-lasting results that look natural and refreshed.