Microvascular Surgery

Microvascular surgery is the transferring of skin, bone, or muscle that is freed from the body, requiring reconstruction of the artery and vein. Often used in hand reconstruction surgery and replantation procedures involving the reattachment of limbs or fingers, microvascular surgery is considered a highly complex procedure that must be performed by experienced and skilled surgeons.

Dr. Zuckerman has been actively involved in the field of microsurgery and hand reconstruction for many years, contributing to major medical publications and presentational seminars discussing the latest techniques. Dr. Zuckerman is the recipient of a prestigious Fellowships at New York University's prestigious Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery where he trained under renowned surgeon Dr. David Chiu.

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The Microvascular Surgery Procedure

During microvascular surgery, Dr. Zuckerman uses a microscope, specialized instruments, and small needles with fine sutures to repair blood vessels as small as one millimeter, allowing for the reattachment of amputated arms, hands, and fingers.

Types of Microvascular Surgical Techniques

Free-Tissue Transfer

Free-tissue transfer is a type of microvascular surgery involving the removal of muscle along with its blood vessels. The removed muscle is then transferred to another location in the body. The artery and vein of the muscle are then connected to local blood vessels, re-establishing the blood supply. This type of microvascular surgery is typically performed for soft-tissue defects caused by tumor surgery or trauma.

Free-Bone Transfer

Free-bone transfer removes a bone with its blood supply. The removed bone is implanted into the treatment area, usually a large bone defect in another area of the body. The bone’s artery is then connected with the arteries and veins of the treatment area. Bone defects created by tumor surgery or trauma can often be corrected with this procedure. Free-bone transfer is also useful for reconstructing non-healing bones.

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