Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is often used in breast reconstruction and other procedures designed to restore form and function to body areas that have lost skin, muscle mobility, fat, and/or skeletal support. Dr. Zuckerman is an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon and trained in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. He has an extremely high rate of skill in performing a range of flap surgery procedures. Dr. Zuckerman and his team aim to rebuild what has been lost with improved function and natural-looking results.

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Flap Reconstruction Surgery

A flap is living tissue relying on its own blood supply that is moved from one area of the body to another. A local flap uses a section of skin and tissue that are near the wounded area. One end of the flap remains attached so that it is continuously nourished by its original blood supply. The flap is ultimately repositioned over the treatment site.

Breast Reconstruction Flap Types

There are a number of flap types that can be used in breast reconstructive surgery, and Dr. Zuckerman is an expert with numerous procedures performed in nearly all these kinds of flaps. These include:

Regional Flap

This type of flap uses a section of tissue attached by a specific blood vessel. After the flap has been lifted, a very narrow attachment to the original site is necessary for the flap to receive its blood supply from the vein and artery.

Musculocutaneous Flap

Also known as a muscle and skin flap, a musculocutaneous flap is typically utilized when the treatment area needs more bulk and a more abundant blood supply. These types of flaps are often used in breast reconstruction to rebuild the breast. Musculocutaneous flaps remain tethered to their original blood supply.

Bone/Soft Tissue Flap

This flap is composed of bone and overlying skin carrying its own blood supply that is transferred to the treatment area.

Microvascular Free Flap

A microvascular free flap is a section of skin and tissue that has been completely detached from the original site. The flap is then reattached to the treatment site by connecting the small blood vessels.

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