A before and after breast augmentation outcome by Dr. Zuckerman 1yr post-op. For more of Dr. Zuckerman's breast augmentation before & after images, visit the full Before & After Page.

A before and after breast augmentation outcome by Dr. Zuckerman 1yr post-op. For more of Dr. Zuckerman's breast augmentation before & after images, visit the full Before & After Page.

Breast revision, or breast augmentation revision surgery, can help women who are dissatisfied with a previous breast enlargement or breast reconstruction procedure. By correcting complications or unhappiness with results stemming from your first surgical experience, Dr. Zuckerman can perform breast revision surgery to address those concerns and provide you with the beautiful, natural-looking results you had originally hoped for. Dr. Zuckerman has specialty training in breast surgery procedures and is committed to helping you attain your ultimate goals. Dr. Zuckerman can often help you solve problems from prior procedures, and the results can be better than you imagined.

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The Surgery

Breast Revision

For many women, breast augmentation surgery is a way to achieve fuller breasts that are in better proportion with their body frame. They can also provide a boost to self-esteem and make women feel more youthful and sensual. However, some patients find that their original breast augmentation procedure has not yielded the results they had hoped for, and others are affected by complications that have arisen after the procedure. Reasons patients may desire breast revision surgery include:

  • Breast implants are too large or too small
  • The desire to switch from saline to silicone implants or vice/versa
  • The desire to go back to their original breast size
  • Capsular contracture, scar tissue forming around the implant that can cause a painful hardened feeling in the breasts
  • Implant deflation or rupture
  • Rippling appearance to the implant
  • Infection around incision sites
  • Asymmetrical appearance caused by shifting of the implant or awkward implant shape

Breast revision surgery or implant removal may also be necessary if a patient is undergoing unrelated health problems such as breast cancer, which may be more easily treated without the implant.

Dr. Zuckerman will meet with you in an initial breast revision surgery consultation to discuss all aspects of breast revision surgery, your goals for results, and whether breast revision surgery is the right procedure for your unique needs.

Breast Revision Procedure

Depending on your needs and goals, Dr. Zuckerman can perform breast revision surgery in a number of ways. Saline implant removal typically involves the deflation of the implant before removing it. Then, Dr. Zuckerman will eliminate any existing scar tissue. Silicone implant removal is typically more involved and may require some surrounding muscle and tissue to be removed as well. If you are undergoing a removal and replacement breast revision surgery, the new implants are generally placed immediately after the original implants have been removed. Dr. Zuckerman will take the greatest care to ensure the results meet your expectations and look natural and symmetrical.

The time it takes to perform breast revision surgery will depend on the extent of your procedure. Breast revision surgery is often performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. Breast revision surgery can be performed at one of our accredited operating rooms located in midtown Manhattan. Accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF) signifies the highest standard of care in a fully equipped surgical environment.


The recovery process for breast revision procedures is dependent on which type of revision surgery you have undergone. Implant removal typically results in some mild discomfort, bruising, and swelling after surgery; however, this can be managed with medication. Implant replacement patients can expect some bruising, swelling, and discomfort in the few days after the procedure, although this can also be managed with medication. Patients who have undergone implant replacement may also be fitted for a compression bra for a few weeks after surgery to help the progression of healing.

Breast revision surgery patients are advised to not participate in strenuous activities or activities that could strain or harm the breasts for at least six weeks after surgery. Depending on the procedure you have undergone, most patients are able to resume normal daily routines a few days after the procedure.


Dr. Zuckerman will discuss all risks with you before the procedure. He is extremely well-trained and experienced with breast revision surgery and will make every effort to ensure your surgery runs smoothly and safely, results meet your treatment goals.

Before & After Results

View more Before & After results from Dr. Zuckerman on the Before & After page of his website.

Ready for your consultation?

Are you ready for your consultation with Dr. Zuckerman? During your consultation, Dr. Zuckerman can address any concerns or questions that you may have about the surgery. He will also discuss with you the details of his approach: incision location(s), procedure length and techniques, likely operative outcome, etc. Contact his office via the request form or call any of his four physical office locations. Dr. Zuckerman also offers consultations via Skype and a process for out-of-town patients to visit New York to have surgery.