The below is a quote from a patient of mine, which was given to a reporter for the New York Post article: Forget mani-pedis — now moms and daughters bond over Botox. She details her experience in coming to visit my office with her mother. These two are among my favorite non-surgical treatment visitors!

There was a moment where I realized my mom wasn’t only a symbol but a woman. My mother was approaching the age of 50 at the time and started feeling a little disconnect with herself. She started feeling differently about her face and neck. I, at the age of 30, started developing the number 11 between my eyebrows. So, I called the highly recommended Dr. Joshua Zuckerman’s office and made an appointment. So now we had a specific time set aside for the two of us so we can get together and enjoy each other’s company. On the day of, my mom was thrilled and meeting Dr. Zuckerman was the best day of her life. He answered all of her questions and gave her the answers and a plan that gave her an optimist look at a woman in her 50’s.

As for me in my thirties, he told me can fix my number 11’s [between my brows]. I also wanted to make my lips fuller, [which] he also did. My mother gets Botox and fillers, and Dr. Zuckerman recommended Sculptra, which she loved. He also injected her neck with Botox and fillers as well. My mom and I haven’t been happier, and I see the youth in my mother again. [...] I feel like I’m back in my mid-twenties. We visit Dr. Zuckerman every 4 to 5 months for maintenance, and because now we have a date to go to Dr. Zuckerman’s office, it [has] become a little treat and bond for us. We wouldn’t change him for the world. He is the most compassionate and understanding cosmetic surgeon I have ever met. [..] I hope everyone can experience his expertise and cosmetic procedures.