This week's blog post was written a guest author who is younger patient Botox patient of mine. She started undergoing Botox injections at the ripe old age of 28 and is still coming back to see me 6 years later! I am a strong proponent of Botox treatments as a simple, preventative method to avert wrinkles before they form. She details her experience below:

At first, I was slightly skeptical that a 28 year old needed to undergo Botox injections and intimidated by a perceived stigma of doing “plastic surgery”. However, Dr. Zuckerman’s opinion that Botox is so simple, quick, and easy went a long way toward changing my outlook. He considers it similar to getting one’s hair done. After I learned from him that the treatment is also preventative and works very well to prevent wrinkle formation, I was sold and decided to give it a shot. He explained that wrinkles are the sum of all the times you move certain facial muscle groups, so the fewer times you move them, the fewer wrinkles will form.

The treatment itself is so easy it’s almost nothing. The needle is tiny and resembles what is used to do a finger prick. I have relatively little pain during the treatments, but Dr. Zuckerman did offer to numb my forehead if I wanted. Treatment takes maybe five minutes - Dr. Zuckerman is so accurate and fast. As a younger patient, he only injects 20 units of Botox or so into my upper forehead currently. This way, I can maintain the mobility of my lower forehead and eyelids, and not look totally frozen. We will progress the treatments with time to inject more units in the forehead and then to targeting the “11’s”, the corrugator muscles between the brows.

I come to his office every three to four months to get a touch up. I haven’t had really any side effects from Botox: no bruising, no drooping eyebrows or anything. My treatment of the upper forehead makes that less likely, but Dr. Zuckerman has also performed these injections hundreds of times so complications aren’t likely. 

I see Botox as regular personal maintenance, and I think most women as they age will eventually try Botox injections and love it. Obviously I’m biased, but Dr. Zuckerman is an expert and does a fantastic job. I wouldn’t visit anyone else!