In the video to the left, I’m demonstrating my “Botox Brow Lift” on one of my recent patients, which is a very neat little treatment that combats a very common side effect of aging: the brows fall over time contributing to a tired, more severe, appearance. This injection works well for those patients desiring a lift of the brows, especially laterally, but who do not wish to undergo a surgical option such as a brow lift or eyelid lift, depending on the particular issues and patient anatomy.

Injecting Botox in particular positions around the eye raises the brow laterally and gives the patient refreshed, rejuvenated look. The Orbicularis oculi muscle runs in an oval in concentric circles around each of the eyes; it is the muscle that allows you to squint. Due to the shape, some of the muscle fibers are vertical and some are horizontal. If you knock out, using Botox, only the vertical muscle fibers on the lateral side of the eye, the brow will pull upward. It's key that you undergo this treatment with an experienced practitioner, because it is near the eye.

I am very well-versed in this technique as you can see from the video, and I evaluate the patient’s anatomy around the eye similarly to how I would do for a facelift or for upper or lower eyelid surgery. Complications, such as having one brow higher than the other or even a sagging upper eyelid, are possible with the wrong placement of Botox or incorrect amounts. In addition, the shape of the brows is responsible for a significant percentage of our perception of facial character. Visit my social media Instagram post on Renee Zellweger’s poorly done Botox and the affected shape of her brows as an example. Consequently,

I make sure to make subtle changes in the brows with my Botox Brow Lift.