There are many subtle ways that we judge fitness and weight level, and a pad of fat under the chin is one of the less obvious signs of weight gain. Unfortunately, submental, or under the chin, can also be genetic in nature. In either case, up till now, there was no non-surgical option to eliminate that fat.

Recently, the FDA approved Kybella, a new treatment that melts away under chin fat. The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is a manmade form of a substance your body makes, an enzyme,  that helps to absorb fats and works by destroying, or dissolving,  fat cells where it is injected. Kybella is made by Allergan, the maker of Botox Cosmetic, so I trust its quality. It is being requested more and more by my patients.

I feel that surgery gives the more definitive solution to submental fat, but for those patients who do not wish to undergo surgery or who have a less dramatic issue, Kybella is a great option.Treatment is 1-3 to sessions of injections in my office that each take 5-10mins. I make each set of injections in a fine grid pattern to make sure the injectable is evenly distributed under the chin and therefore evenly removes the fat.

Khloe Khardashian recently became the spokesperson for Kybella in Allergan’s “Live Chin Up” campaign. She was asked in an interview if she thought that the “stigma” of injectables has disappeared. I thought her answer was quite a good one: “I wish injectables were treated more like makeup. I'm allowed to contour my face, I have nose contour and cheek contour on, highlighter on, I'm overdrawing my lips, and nobody really says that's crazy. I don't understand why. I basically put on a mask every day. I just really hope stuff like this becomes treated like makeup.” Botox and Juvederm, and soon Kybella, are extremely popular amongst my patients. I don’t personally see much of a stigma remaining; Khloe is right: it is essentially as common as makeup. Ms. Khardashian is not my patient; she is a public figure.

Come in and visit my office if you'd like to try Kybella!