Although I've now been filmed several to many times for various news programs and television shows, I never find it boring or too easy. It's still a challenge to speak fluidly without interjections and to make eye contact with a machine! I always get a few jitters before going on camera. While I am completely at home at the operating table or talking to a patient one on one, film seems a bit more intimidating even though very often the television program interview mirrors questions patients may be asking me in my practice. 

Here, we are filming a new segment on a patient's "Mommy Makeover" procedure. Both myself and the patient were filmed answering questions about the surgery. This patient will undergo two surgeries done at the same time: a breast augmentation to raise breasts deflated after bearing a child and a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to remove the stretched out skin and stubborn pad of fat left over from pregnancy. For the patient, she discussed why she wanted the procedure, her expectations of the surgical outcome, and her biggest "must haves". I then talked about a couple of tricky bits of the surgery particular to this patient and how listening to her desires and questions led me to the approach I will take in the operating room.

I'll let you know when it airs!